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We have various online products and services. Our clients are primarily start-ups, small business owners and Non-Profit Organisations. Pro bono services are considered for orphanages, feeding schemes, community education.

Our Design Focus


The purpose of any website is to engage visitors. Potential customers screen businesses via their websites and make contact if they feel you have what they need. Its that simple.

Why? Your website has an effect on the perceived credibility and quality of your business.


Visitors expect the same website viewing experience on a mobile device as a computer.

A responsive website will adapt to the screen size of any device. No page content is lost or cut off on smaller screens and no manual screen dragging, pinching or squeezing is required to make it readable.


Ease of website navigation is very important to visitors because it allows them to quickly find the information they are searching for. Visitors who get lost on your website simply leave (and often never come back).

Easy navigation with informative, readable content provides a comfortable browsing experience. It also improves search engine rankings. The search bots like it!

Client Websites

Qhawe Technologies
Amatullah Orphan Home
Best free site EVER!
Since 2017 Reza created and has been managing my website as a pro bono service to the community. Thanks a mil!
Muneerah Philander
Founder: Amatullah
Great value
For over 7 years my website has been in the capable hands of Reza. All requests are handled professionally and his pricing is still the best by far.
Razak Parker
Owner: Africa-Alive
Always in touch
After losing employment, Reza created my landing page and setup my emails in a few days to help me start a new venture.
L. Davis
Owner: Quick Video

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